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Author Topic: Parental controls glitchy  (Read 19701 times)

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Parental controls glitchy
« on: April 19, 2022, 11:00:40 am »
So I'm repurposing my trusty old Almond+ and using parental controls for the first time. Since the Almond+ can't give me the kind of wifi coverage I need, I haven't been using it for wifi anymore, I just bridged it to my Orbi mesh and use it for automation. Alas, it has become painfully apparent that I need parental controls, and Netgear wants a subscription for what is supposed to be built in for Almond... So now I'm routing all traffic through the Almond and the Orbi is in AP Mode.

Schedules work when I set them up for individual devices, but when I set them up for a user (whether the user is a "kid" or not), when the schedule kicks in it wrecks havoc on the network, across all devices not just the ones assigned to the user.

Working on it exclusively with individual components appears to be functional, but it's annoying.

Anyone else have this issue? Any workarounds?

I know there's a note saying devices connected via access point or range extender can't be blocked... I presume that means when the Almond is in one of those modes, but it's not. It's the main router at this point. The Orbi is an access point, but the Almond has full layer 2 access, and it performs all layer 3 functions... The Orbi is as dumb as it gets.


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