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Firmware R065
« on: August 14, 2014, 11:48:03 am »
We've just released firmware R065 for the Almond+ a little bit ahead of time. To install R065 you have to log in to the web UI on your Almond+ to update the firmware, as this version will not be released via the Software Update option in the LCD UI. You can find installation instructions here -

Note: Once you've installed this firmware, if your Almond+ ship with firmware prior to R064 you will have to perform a factory LCD touch screen test. Simply follow the on-screen instructions and once you've finished the LCD touch screen test. You won't lose any associated sensors by installing this firmware and this is a one time only thing. It might reset your Wi-Fi settings, but nothing else. Please make sure both Wi-Fi radios are enabled before you update from prior firmwares to R064, or you'll have to do a hard reset after installing this firmware to pass the LCD touch screen test.

This is a major release which includes the Access Point and Range Extender options as well as much much more.

You can download the firmware here -

Please post any issues with this firmware in this forum:,27.0.html

The release notes are as follows:

Version: AP2-R065-L009-W016-ZW016-ZB005
Release Date: 14/08/2014

Router Features:

Wireless driver updated
VPN PPTP: VPN client can routed between LAN and WAN
DDNS: The ability to dynamically update the Almond Plus WAN IP with the service [ Tested with]
Hidden SSID status will remain after reboot
Multiple instances of udhcpc has been fixed
Clean-up of startup script for Access point mode
Intelligence Added for DHCP renewal when Almond plus looses its IP in Repeater mode
The ability to limit the number of clients connected to the 2.4 and 5GHz networks added in WEB UI - Wireless section
BG protection control added in WEB UI -  2.4GHz wireless section.
Access Point mode added.
LAN IP segment can be changed via the LCD UI.
Miniupnpd binding issue when restarting any service addressed
udhcpc discovery timeout and retry has been increased
DDNS auto start issue has been fixed
WAN - DHCP release controlled on LAN configuration change
Intermittent connectivity issue with Motorola SB6121 fixed

Cloud service,  router side:

After unlinking, the Affiliation app was unable to  retrieve affiliation code fixed
Special character handling added
Added a message box to send logs
Cloud Daemon crash fixed
After unlinking in the Affiliation app a new affiliation code couldn't be received
Special characters handling for Affiliation app added (&, <, > etc.)
Almond+ name change bug fixed
Added a message box to send logs
Firmware ZigBee:

Added Support for multi-level switch and siren

Firmware Z-Wave:

Performance of Z-Wave server optimized
Added manual lock state update for Yale door locks
Fixed a Z-Wave door lock bug where a lock could be added multiple times
Resolved some issues when adding door locks

Wireless Router/Repeater:

Repeater will connect with WPA/WAP2 Mixed - TKIP/AES combination.
Improvements made to the wireless config


Fixed bugs in launcher
Added Screen Lock app - Note: This only starts if you're in one of the two main LCD UI screens
Added Settings app, the default screen time out is 1000 seconds, default screen lock pin is 1234 and screen lock is disabled by default
Added Web Access option in Settings app
Removed Blank Screen, Firmware & Syslog apps
Fixed bugs in Internet, Wizard, Status, AP Mode & Repeater apps
Added Support for Multi-level switch and Siren in Connected Sensors app
Fixed a bug related to the LCD touch screen factory test
Fixed a bug in Connected sensors & Wireless Apps to allow for special characters
Fixed some bugs in Help related to SendLogs.
Fixed bugs in Settings app related to firmware upgrade
Fixed some bugs in Add Sensor app
Fixed a crash in the Repeater app
Fixed some other minor bugs

Local Web UI:

Access point page added
Country,channel change and mode were moved to the general section
No need to re-authenticate when switching between NutsOS and OpenWRT UI
LAN page now has an option to manually add and track the active leases
DDNS : Reverted back to standard OpenWRT DDNS package
VPN PPTP : Rules have been isolated for making PPTP work independently with respect to L2TP/IPsec
DFS channel list removed on 5GHz wireless channel section list as they're not currently supported
Other minor modifications to the UI


Fixed Time Synchronization issue at startup.

Open issues:

5GHz Wi-Fi disconnects on some devices
Wi-Fi performance is still not optimized
QoS WEB UI pages in OpenWRT will redirect to a blank page when the Almond+ doesn't have an internet connection
VPN L2tp/Ipsec issues in some scenarios
Unable to use the Almond+ as a range extender with some routers that have WPA-TKIP encryption for Wi-Fi

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