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Author Topic: How to set up 3 almonds  (Read 5513 times)

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How to set up 3 almonds
« on: March 25, 2022, 01:42:11 pm »
I have 3 almonds that are used as range extenders throughout my home. I have my router on the 2nd floor. Almond 1 is on the 1st floor and has been connected to the router. Almond 2 is on the first floor in the living room and is used to improve tv streaming (connected to tv with Ethernet cable). I just obtained Almond 3 and it will be in the basement to extend the signal. My confusion  lies in what each Almond is connected to. Do they all connect to the basic modem/router, or do the 2 2ndary Almonds connect to the Almond 1?  Currently the Almond 1 is connected wirelessly to the router. The router has a designation (e.g. Frontier 1034) and has the modem's password. The Almond 1 is thus connected to the modem/router via that name and password. If I need to connect the Almond 2 and 3, specifically to the Almond 1, how is that done? Does the Almond 1 have its own specific designation and password so Almonds 2 and 3 could use that to connect just to Almond 1? Hope this isn't too confusing. Thank for you thoughts...phil w.


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