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Firmware R066
« on: September 19, 2014, 02:04:24 pm »
We've just released firmware R066 for the Almond+. To install R066 you have to log in to the web UI on your Almond+ to update the firmware, as this version will not be released via the Software Update option in the LCD UI. You can find installation instructions here -

Note: Once you've installed this firmware, if your Almond+ ship with firmware prior to R064 you will have to perform a factory LCD touch screen test. Simply follow the on-screen instructions and once you've finished the LCD touch screen test. You won't lose any associated sensors by installing this firmware and this is a one time only thing. It might reset your Wi-Fi settings, but nothing else. Please make sure both Wi-Fi radios are enabled before you update from prior firmwares to R064, or you'll have to do a hard reset after installing this firmware to pass the LCD touch screen test.

This is a minor release which includes a lot of smaller bug fixes and some minor feature additions and improvements.

You can download the firmware here - (link updated as of 24/09/2014)
The hash is: 3255940a778eeaed7699000182ceb6ef

Please post any issues with this firmware in this forum:,27.0.html

The release notes are as follows:

Version: AP2-R066-L009-W016-ZW016-ZB005
Release Date: 19/09/2014

Router Features :

Fixed bootp broadcast flag set which is required for some ISP's
VPN server Fixed - L2TP and PPTP server
DMZ Added - Beta
Added 20/40 Coexistence in 2.4GHz to utilize 40 MHz channel width
Country regulation list  revised for 2.4 and 5GHz
”Use DNS servers advertised by peer” added to NutsOS web UI to force a DNS server to client
Blank page issue fixed in - Network and forward page
VPN subnet limitation : limitation when maintaining VPN to remote network on same subnet as local network
Field validation added in Web UI.

Cloud service, router side:

Added Almond validation functionality in Diagnostic app
Updated Diagnostic app UI
Enabled guest user status on summary page
Fixed Sendlogs app wrong message
Fixed blocked MAC crash in cloud router
Firmware ZigBee:

Added support for Warning Device

Firmware Z-Wave:

Added support for power monitoring for binary switches (device support needed)
Added Tamper support to door/window sensors, motion sensors and vibration sensors
Added battery icon for all battery powered sensors
Fixed status change of door locks when manually locked/unlocked

Note: For things like power monitoring to work and for devices detected wrongly as sirens, these sensors have to be removed and added again.

Open issues:

Kwikset lock support still not working 100%

Wireless Router/Repeater:



Added Support for Warning device in Connected Sensors
Fixed bugs in Connected Sensors and Add Sensor apps
Removed 6-character name limit for sensors
Status Remove Rx And Tx bytes and added Uptime counter.
Option to release and renew IP address added under Network
Settings, Firmware Update show progress and option to cancel in preparation for firmware updates via LCD UI.
WAN Access options added to Settings, but are not enabled in this firmware build.

Local Web UI:

DHCP Settings - Correct terms used for start and end IP range

Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.1i
Updated Busybox to v1.22.1

Open issues:

5GHz Wi-Fi disconnects on some devices
Wi-Fi performance is still not optimized
AP mode issues are not fixed in this release
QoS WEB UI pages in OpenWRT will redirect to a blank page when the Almond+ doesn't have an internet connection
Unable to use the Almond+ as a range extender with some routers that have WPA-TKIP encryption for Wi-Fi
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