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Author Topic: Reconsider part of the UI design for the sensor interaction in the App and Web-U  (Read 1563 times)

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Your software team should carefully consider how the current user interface implementation works for the "sensors" in the Web-UI and the smart-phone app.

The settings interaction (for each sensor) should in my opinion only be used for permanent (default) settings for the sensor itself.
Its use should not be required to interact with the basic functionality of the sensor itself.

A good UI is the UI of the binary on/off switch, it is a simple on/off button with written confirmation of the state.

A worse UI that should be fixed, is the dimmer implementation, both for dimmer switches and dimmable zigbee LED-lights. Currently, the dimmer a fundamental part of the sensor functionality, is hidden under the settings menu. This means that it requires an extra "click" to interact with the dimmer compared to the binary on off switch. A better solution would be to add an extra dimmer slider next to the on-off switch so the dimmer setting under "settings" is only used for the default dimmer settings when the dimmer is turned on.

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+1 to the dimming recommendation
Few other examples or ideas about this portion of the ui:
Differentiate between pure sensors (door/window, temp, motion, etc...) and interactive components (plugs, switches, lights, etc...)
Custom ordering/grouping of these objects
Virtual objects (a virtual "switch" could be useful in cases where you want to change things but not have a physical device or circuit activated)
Customizable representations of sensors. Maybe I do not want a slider, but rather a rotating know, vertical slider, or "digital" number interface. Maybe I want the dim value shown instead of a on/off button... that allows me to click and drag to change the value or quick click to turn it on (or off).
Customizable sensor list by user. Ex: I can see all, but my kids can only see/control her room (no turning on my bedroom lights at 2am)
Almond 3 mesh handling the home.


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