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Firmware R070 has been released
« on: February 11, 2015, 05:58:47 am »
You can now upgrade the Almond+ to firmware R070. Please update using the LCD UI if you've installed R069 or later. Instructions can be found here - http://wiki.securifi.com/index.php?title=How_to_upgrade_the_Firmware_-_Almond%2B_2014

This is a major release based on R069. This is also the first non-Beta release firmware with automation support via our rules UI. Note that not all sensor types are supported in this release. A refresh of the web UI will be needed once youíve installed this firmware, or itíll show up garbled. 
We've made a quick guide over at the Wiki that explains how to set up various rules - http://wiki.securifi.com/index.php?title=Rules_UI_-_Almond%2B_2014

The release notes are as follows:

Router Features:
New features
Updated Wi-Fi drivers, we're still working on performance optimization, but overall performance and stability should be improved in this release.
CPU Wi-Fi offload is enabled in this release.

The following has been fixed
Garbled data over the WAN port has been addressed.
5GHz interface is not broadcasting SSID when certain settings were changed in the web UI.
2.4 GHz and 5GHz client were not getting internet using the 5GHz radio in Range Extender mode.
Speed issues - 5GHz client to LAN.
5GHz firmware crash.
2.4GHz AP interface disappears after few days.
General performance improvements to Range Extender and Access Point modes.
LAN clients were unable to access the internet in Range Extender/Bridge mode.
VPN firewall entries wouldn't persist after running any services or reboot.
DNSMASq wouldn't restart after applying settings on the WAN page in the web UI.
Visualization added to the Port Forward and LAN page.
Port ranges are now working in the web UI again.
Storage devices will now mount correctly and you you'll be able to see the available free space on the drives.

Firmware ZigBee:
Support for NYCE ZigBee sensors.
Support for CentraLite ZigBee sensor. Currently their thermostat and dimmer isn't supported, but theyíll be added in the next release
Support for Kwikset ZigBee locks.
Improved key fob support.
Multilevelswitch on/off bug resolved.
Peanut plug bug fixed.

Firmware Z-Wave:
Added support for in-wall dimmers.
Added support for Jasco/GE in-wall binary switches.
Improved support for Vision PIR and door/window sensors. This includes some of their OEM products as well, such as Schlage.
Fixed a bug where some Z-Wave Plus devices were unable to pair with the Almond+.
Added support for Leviton scene capable dimmer (VRE06-1LZ).
Improved performance of Z-Wave server.
Manual updates and user codes for Schlage door lock are implemented.
2gig CT30 Thermostat value setting bugs resolved.

Added a Security option under Settings.
This allows passwords in the LCD UI to be hidden.
It also enables pin codes for all the LCD UI apps. Note that you have to double tap on the apps in the list to lock/unlock them.
Improvements to the weather app.
The Time app has a new lock feature that asks for the screen saver lock code when enabled and you try to access the Almond+ LCD UI.
Note that the default LCD UI PIN code is 1234.
Improved LCD drivers.
Bug fixes.

Local Web UI:
Dynamic update handling when a device is removed.
Improved UI in Access Point & Range Extender modes.
Added Support for Peanut Plug.
Added support for ZigBee door locks.
Fixed : It wonít be possible to access or control sensors via http without authentication.
Fixed : Dynamic sensors updates weren't working when access the local web UI via the WAN port.
Rules tab added - Note that you will have to do a hard refresh of the page for this to work, you should be seeing a magic want and the text "Click to add a new rule".
Bug fixes.

Rules UI:
Minified Look of Saved Rules (to be improved).
Changed the trigger concept of low battery and tamper.
Changed the support for the key fob.
Note that the numerical keypad canít be used in this release for entering numbers in the rules UI.

Improvements to time handling.
Sensors will no longer re-use device ID's.

Known issues

5GHz Wi-Fi disconnects on some devices
Wi-Fi performance is still not optimized

English is currently the only language available.
Wi-Fi region can only be changed via the web UI.
The default pin for the LCD might be 0 rather than 1234 in some cases.

Home Automation:
This is a perpetual work in progress in terms of adding support for more sensors etc.
Scenes are still not available.
Rules is still in Beta.

Web App/Mobile Apps:
Scenes and logs are missing, but will be implemented over the next couple months.

The default username of root can't be changed.

Please report any bugs here - http://forum.securifi.com/index.php/board,27.0.html

You can download the firmware here - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzhW702RrxQIZFZ2cHJFY09OZjQ/view?usp=sharing

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