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Author Topic: Z Wave Config Files  (Read 2477 times)

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Z Wave Config Files
« on: March 17, 2015, 01:03:23 am »
I bought the Aeon Recessed Door Sensor, but it comes up as unsupported device and I don't get any open/close indication from it.  I was looking through the filesystem on the Almond+ and found the following.

root@AlmondPlus:~# cd /almond/config/aeon_labs/
root@AlmondPlus:/almond/config/aeon_labs# ls
alms.xml                 hemg2.xml                recessed_doorsensor.xml
doorwindow.xml           keyfob.xml               ses.xml
hem.xml                  minimote.xml

I assumed the recessed_doorsensor.xml was the file being used for the sensor, but apparently not. 

1. Does anyone know what it takes to have a sensor recognized and supported?
2. Is there a way to look at the communication between the Almond+ and the sensor to see what the device is reporting itself as?

Another device I bought was the FortrezZ SSA1 siren but it also comes up as unsupported.  I was able to send commands to it to get the LEDs and siren working, but I don't know how to upload programs to see if things work.

Really need a software guy here.  I'm just a EE trying to get this going.


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