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Author Topic: List of compatible sensors Almond+ 2014 BUT... now don't work with new Firmware  (Read 1790 times)

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First off, I do not have any of the information needed for this topic. I also do not claim do be an expert on this topic either. However, the longer I sit back and watch the worse this product and its project becomes. I also have to wonder who the bunny is in charge of Q/A testing for all firmware being released to the Supporters/Customers. Do they even have any IT Project Management experience???
Ok, I'm sure we all could go on and on about how the different firmware updates have effected us in some form or fashion but that's not what this topic is intended for. In fact, this topic post should NOT be loaded with complaints since that does nothing to help this issue and does nothing for providing clarity for any of us.  My hope is that a list of current supported sensors could be displayed here along with the success rate percentage / metrics after the installation/upgrade of each and every Firmware version has been released.  This could be a poll that all registered users can access for each supported sensor. Then each of us could view this data and decide whether it would make since to upgrade our firmware or to wait for issues to be resolved with the sensor types he or she may already own. 


Firmware Version: AP2-R076-L009-W016-ZW016-ZB005

Sensor Manufacturer         Model Name                Type                               Current Total Users using sensor                          Percentage of Users with Working Sensor Type
GE                                      GE/Wink Link bulbs   Dimmable LED bulb   :             100                                                                                                  25%


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