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Author Topic: Supported device status - 2015  (Read 1526 times)

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Supported device status - 2015
« on: April 12, 2015, 03:31:34 pm »
I noticed updates on this are slow. Home automation is the main reason I backed this on Kickstarter, and the list of devices is still very limited, specially concerning multi-function/multi-control devices as the AEON labs multi-sensor, or Fibaro dual relay switch.
I'm not sure you really need to actually have each device; have you had a look at, it has device information, with supported command classes, parameters and more for over 350 devices. Their info is available under creative common license (see their site for more). Based on this a basic profile could be implemented and user-tested...
As for UI development for new devices, to speed up roll-out of new devices, you could consider initially just providing the sensor info and controls through the web-based rule engine, so at least we can use the device (even without touch-screen and/or mobile support).
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