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Author Topic: Firmware R087 is now available  (Read 2388 times)

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Firmware R087 is now available
« on: May 14, 2015, 08:35:38 am »
This is a major release compared to R85, as we have added support for Nyce sensors, AP mode, Rules with some good number of bug fixes, the following are the changes:

Note: Please note that we can upgrade this firmware via LCD only from R83 and beyond, anything less than that has to be done manually. Any user who has R82 and below version could download and update the software manually via Web UI by going to ( and select Almond 2015.

Wizard RE mode SSID naming fix.
Cloud Binaries - Router offline (rare) fix.
RE and WWAN apps - Message when radio is turned off
Updated Diagnostics app - Bug Fixes
Updated Help app - Send Logs version and MAC fix
DHCP Enable/Disable Script Fix
WebUI - Network Page - Submit fix
WebUI - Rules deleted at creation fix
WebUI - Rules UI added support for Home/Away modes
WebUI - Bug Fixes
Wizard - Cloud account linking code length fix
Connected Sensors App - Bug Fixes
Status app - Minor UI fix
Updated German strings
Updated Portuguese strings
Wireless WAN - Preliminary fix preventing the device from connecting with LAN Clients. (Reboot still required).
Status App - Fix for WWAN, AP and RE modes
Connected Sensors app - Support for the NYCE sensors
HA Server - Support for the new NYCE sensors
Zigbee Server - fixes for nyce sensors
USB Firmware Update - Reboot fix (Preliminary).
Rules Engine - Timed/Scheduled Rules bug fix
Cloud Binaries - Updated CloudHA to use new API for mode
Time App - Restart Cron if time/zone changed.
Fixed AP Mode app re-added
Firmware Update via WebUI - Screen Lock and reboot bug fix.

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