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Author Topic: Aeon DSC19103-ZWUS  (Read 1507 times)

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Aeon DSC19103-ZWUS
« on: May 20, 2015, 10:19:34 pm »
Hello, I would like to add information about the Aeon DSC19103-ZWUS.

The device functions as a toggle, either with the physical switch or the app.

The Almond app usually reports the state of the lights. Example: if the hardware switch is in the on position, and the lights are on, the app will report that the switch is in the off state, if the toggle is pressed in the app, no action is taken, and reports success. the app will now show ON (which the lights still are). and on clicking the toggle in the app, the lights will now shut off.

because the hardware switch is still in the 'on' position, the functionality will be inverted. by flipping the switch to the 'off' position it will now turn the lights on. now, the app will report that the lights are on, and clicking the toggle in the app, no action is taken, and reports success. the app will now show 'off' and clicking again will turn the lights off

In some rare cases, the 'no action taken' as explained above doesn't happen and the app gets lost as to which state the switch is actually in and toggles it every time.

for the most part, it's reliable and works as intended. however: if you shut off lights with the app you'll want to double check they are actually off, and if you're away from your home there's a small chance that you will come home to a light on that shouldn't be.
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