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Author Topic: Slingbox Port Forwarding Settings?  (Read 4703 times)

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Slingbox Port Forwarding Settings?
« on: May 24, 2015, 08:09:26 pm »
Hello everyone,

I'm a little lost about the port forwarding settings for Slingbox on the Almond.

A few sites have not mentioned which IP address to add or some have said not to add one at all.

The Almond forces to you add an IP address though so I filled in the default IP -

It is still failing and I would like to know if anyone knows what the IP settings are. I know that the TCP/UDP ports are 5001.



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Re: Slingbox Port Forwarding Settings?
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2015, 07:13:13 pm »
@ akgodesign,

Please get in touch with the Sling Box tech support and try to get the port numbers which has to be forwarded, accordingly we can suggest you how to open those ports by providing the static IP to the Sling Box.


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