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Author Topic: Verizon + Almond + Sengled Boost  (Read 2880 times)

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Verizon + Almond + Sengled Boost
« on: June 24, 2015, 06:49:11 pm »
So I have a client with an old 3 story home that was having WiFi problems.  I checked out the setup and wanted to use the Almond on one floor and the Boost bulb on the other floor, with the main router being on the ground floor.  When i went to put in the hardware i set up the Almond on the second floor as a repeater and it could not connect to the main Verizon network.

So i put the Boost bulb in as a repeater on the second floor and managed to get the Almond to connect on the third floor but it kept dropping the connection.

Is this just a reset and repeat the range extender situation or would it be better to use it in a different mode or maybe move the router itself to the second flood where there is a network outlet and putting the range extenders on the first floor and the third floor?

Any help would be appreciated its an Actiontech M1424WR Router in the living room and i just want to know what the best combination would be to get a good connection on all 3 floors.


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Re: Verizon + Almond + Sengled Boost
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2015, 07:04:30 pm »
Ideally, the location plays a very important role here. It might not be sufficient for Almond 2015 to cover all 3 floors based on the environmental factors and   structural limitations. But your best bet would be to place Almond somewhere in the second floor, so that it can be approximately half way between the router and the floor above.

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Re: Verizon + Almond + Sengled Boost
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2015, 07:26:54 pm »
Okay I will see if i can get it to work in the bedroom. Repeater vs. WAP I assume the network cable outlet would let the Almond act like a WAP if that would help the signal.

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Re: Verizon + Almond + Sengled Boost
« Reply #3 on: June 25, 2015, 08:57:13 am »
With a network cable available on the second floor I would set up the almond as an access point and then use the  bulb extender on the third floor.

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Re: Verizon + Almond + Sengled Boost
« Reply #4 on: June 25, 2015, 10:28:24 am »
I agree with mparadis.

The above noted it becomes difficult sometimes as also stated above relating to RF and house infrastructure.

Personally here see a combo "do what" Verizon Actiontech M1424WR as an easy solution of a combination modem, router, wireless access point, switch and firewall.  This is an easy peasey means of being able to service one box by your ISP.  It is one box to manage via an easy to read GUI interface. 

The trending is to lock the ISP's box down which really is a good thing for the ISP and for the client's own protection.

Here and there I have cable and fiber ISP connectivity. 

I am using a cable modem / PFSense firewall (plus redundancy ISP connections) and separate managed switches and wireless access points. 

IE: ISP ==> ISP Modem ==> Firewall = = > managed network switches and autonomous wireless access points.  (personally this gives me granular control). 

The combination automation, wireless, router, switch and touchscreen Almond 2015 fits in nicely as an addendum to already configured infrastructure.

You have to make it work though because you have a quandary of hardware that you want to make work together

1 - The Almond 2015 device is a combination automation LCD touchscreen, automation software (firmware), wireless access point, wireless repeater, switch and router.  It was/is designed to be a multiple function device.  The + (plus) features of the Almond 1015 is the LCD screen and automation pieces that do not exist today with any company that I know of.

2 - The ISP's combination modem, wireless access point, switch, router and firewall is just that and nothing else.  There is no automation nor does the Actiontech device have an LCD screen built in.

I know it seems like a lot but really is not. 

The wireless access point placement is most important such that I utilize POE powered access points.  There are sort of innocuously positioned in the home not to see in a physical sense but rather only wirelessly.

I have done similar with the Verizon fiber connection box but a bit different leaving the Verizon box in place for the television STB's, disabling and removing the wireless antennas and bridging one network port for my stuff which is totally separate.  It is split primarily as two networks; one for the television stuff and one for my personal internet stuff.  The personal internet stuff is further subdivided into wired and wireless autonomously talking to the same Verizon box.  I am not writing here that this is the right way to do this but rather what I have done.

The historical issues though mostly have related to wireless footprints of these combo devices; well and the fact that they are combination doo all type of devices. 

If possible you may want to relocate the ISP provided Actiontech combination device maybe on the second floor such that the wireless repeater if needed would be on the first floor and the Almond 2015 would remain on the 3rd floor.  That said if there are no wires and wireless only dependencies then you really only have the choice as primarily suggested.
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