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Author Topic: proposal: crowd source sensors  (Read 7125 times)

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Re: proposal: crowd source sensors
« Reply #15 on: July 09, 2015, 12:44:38 am »
I was hoping Securifi would add something similar to Vera's LUUP. Part of crowd sourcing to playing around with the settings. For example, some people have been playing around with the parameters on their Home Energy Meter v2 to correct for proper power readings, reset readings at midnight, etc.

At this point, it seems like the Wink hub is going to be far more useful as an HA hub than Almond+, even though A+ was billed as the all-in-one device. At the rate of firmware support vs sensors released, the firmware will always be far, far behind.

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Re: proposal: crowd source sensors
« Reply #16 on: July 11, 2015, 06:26:59 pm »
I'm all for implementing device support myself -- like others have said, some of us just need to be pointed in the right direction (though more detailed instructions on how to add sensor support would be extremely helpful).  I have an Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch ( and an Aeon Labs Smart Energy Monitor (  The switch works great -- connected first try, and reports energy usage.  Common sense would dictate that the Energy Monitor, having only a subset of the Energy Switch's features, would be easier for the Almond+ to deal with, but that is apparently not the case as it indicates that that device is not supported.

Taking some cues from this thread, I started my own investigation.  I found five copies of DeviceList.xml -- one in the root path, and four in various subfolders.  All copies contain both the Switch and Monitor.  I'm curious how Z-Wave devices are uniquely identified because the only fields that seem like they could possibly be unique identifiers are OZWNode and AssociationTimeStamp.  I would have presumed it would be something like the ZigBeeShortID or ZigBeeEUI64, but those are both NaN presumably because these are both Z-Wave devices rather than Zigbee.  But that's basically a side note as I really just want the device type supported, and surely this is defined in the DeviceType field.  The Switch (the working one) has a DeviceType of BinaryPowerSwitch.  The Monitor (the "not supported" one) has a DeviceType of MultilevelSensor.  Not super helpful.  I mean, isn't a BinaryPowerSwitch conceptually a multi-level sensor also?  It does multiple things.

On another cue from this thread, I checked out /almond/config and it has its own aeon_labs folder; awesome!  It has three very promising definitions: hem.xml, hem1.xml, and hemg2.xml -- I'm guessing that stands for "home energy monitor" and the defined commands seem consistent with that guess.  But, how do those XML files get used?  I went up one folder level and found manufacturer_specific.xml that appears to define lots of devices according to the description at the Open Z-Wave site (  Indeed, hem1.xml is "Aeon Home Energy Meter" with type=2 and id=9, and hemg2.xml is "Home Energy Meter G2" with type=2 and id=1c, and . seems good that the device I think I have has a definition, but why does it then still show up as unsupported?  One reason I can think of is that I don't actually have what I think I have -- that is, the type and/or id reported by the device doesn't match the definition in manufacturer_specific.xml.  Unfortunately, I think I'm close to a dead end here though because I don't know how to check what those values actually are for the device.  Is there some kind of command on the Almond+ that will list all Z-Wave devices within range, along with their product type and id?  There is a whole section in the database entry for this device (and others, I assume) labeled "Device data" ( or  Is there any kind of utility on the Almond+ that will print this data out for all in-range Z-Wave devices, or is that data not present on the devices themselves?  If not, it seems like I'm spending an awfully large amount of time trying to get Almond+ to do something that a $40 replacement ( would do just fine.

1) Why doesn't Almond+ support my Monitor when it seems like there is a definition file for it?
2) What can I do to work toward adding support for it?


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