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Author Topic: Range Extender not working  (Read 2052 times)

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Range Extender not working
« on: June 18, 2016, 03:57:04 am »

I live in a university campus apartment. My wifi box is in the living room opposite of the desk in my bedroom, so the signals have to go through the kitchen and a couple walls unfortunately and I lag a lot IF I don't take my laptop out to the living room. I bought the latest model of this from Amazon and it has the latest firmware. However I have some issues with getting Internet access on it. My almond I can get to connect to the Internet although during diagnostics it doesn't connect to the cloud whatever and tells me I need port forwarding. I registered the MAC addresses for the WAN as well as the wifi, as any device has to be registered with the campus tool or whatever before it can connect. I can't port forward on my campus wifi obviously. With matching SSIDs I can get the Almond to uhh, take over the wifi but when my devices connect to it, there's no internet access. Is there any way to use this device to make the Internet reach my bedroom or am I SOL since I can't fully control the DSL settings?


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Re: Range Extender not working
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2016, 10:23:35 am »
@ Ashford,

It seems like the ports are blocked from the source connection it self and we can't do any port forward on the Almond device, specially when you are using it in Range Extender mode. Coming to the internet connection not working, try to turn of the main wifi box and Almond for 30 seconds and turn on only the wifi box and wait for it completely back up and running only then turn on the Almond and check the performance.


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