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Author Topic: Firmware R095 is out  (Read 2459 times)

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Firmware R095 is out
« on: August 11, 2016, 09:29:27 am »
Firmware R095 is out, which can be updated via LCD UI from R083 onwards and please find the release notes below:


Time/Weather bug fixed.

Web UI:

Sensors tab has been renamed to Devices.
Would show the number of sensors and network devices connected.
Support for Adding/Removing the devices through local Web UI.
We can remove the device from the network by using delete option under individual sensor.
Support for Remove all sensors through Web UI.
Support to select the network devices as Kids or others, which would help us in blocking it through Amazon Echo.
Bug fixed for inactive time on network devices.

Scenes UI:

Improved the support for entry of Scenes list.

Rules UI:

Added support for Sunrise/Sunset triggers.
Added support for Weather triggers.
Added support for comparators in Rules (=,>,<,<=,>=).
Time Sync issue fixed.

Firmware Zigbee: 

Added full support for Zen Thermostat.


Added canblock and user-category functionality

You can download the firmware here -

Hash: f28dc2936705c92c607f5d1bec93c852

Note: Ensure to reboot the Almond 2015 once the firmware is updated and clear the browser cache before accessing the Web UI.

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