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Author Topic: Almond+ has serious lag  (Read 5759 times)

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Re: Almond+ has serious lag
« Reply #15 on: February 01, 2017, 10:44:46 am »
Of course and good suggestion.

So for your benefit. A RULE is an action or series of actions that occur(s) after some trigger. The trigger can be something physical, like a light switch turning on, a door opening etc or it can be something like when your phone leaves the wifi network, someone else connects to the network, a time of day or related to sunset/rise etc.

A scene is a series of actions that occur at one time. This does not involve a trigger and is activated by pushing the "scene" button under scenes in the app (also can be done using IFTTT but that gets more complicated so for now we will leave it at that).

Actions can be anything including turn outlets on, lock doors, change colors of lights, thermostat changes etc etc. Basically anything you can do manually, you can set up as an action.

What you need to be careful of is overlapping rules. For example:
Rule one: If 7pm and the light is off then turn light on.
Rule two: If 8am and the light is on then turn light off.

This would turn the light on at 7pm and off at 8am.

But if you have another rule
Rule three: If light on and no motion then turn off light.

This could cause the light to flash repeatedly from the time of 7:00:00 pm until 7:01:00 because it is trying to the light on at 7 but if there is no motion it will keep trying to turn the light off which will turn the light back on. So the rule above may work as intended, but it may not, the best is to start simple and make incremental changes. So if there is an issue you can easily identify it. (FYI my example may not be the best but I was trying to be simple).

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Re: Almond+ has serious lag
« Reply #16 on: February 02, 2017, 12:38:10 pm »
I went through and cleaned up all the rules and scenes to remove redundancy. System is working better--I will track for a bit and update. Thank you for the ongoing help.

The difference between scenes and rules is a little confusing--it might be nice to have some examples in the help files to demonstrate how these work.

Rules are very powerful and add features IFTTT sorely lacks. Understanding how scenes, rules and IFTTT interact is the key to smooth automation. Good luck. BTW I have one Leviton zwave dimmer which is very laggy and flakey but other switches and dimmers that respond quickly and reliably. The cheapest ones I bought for $5 on clearance at Home Depot run circles around the $50 Leviton dimmers. Go figure. With these devices YMMV wildly.

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Re: Almond+ has serious lag
« Reply #17 on: February 05, 2017, 10:34:43 pm »
Still having issues with one device not responding consistently. I've deleted all the redundant rules and scenes. The system was working perfectly for several days, and suddenly I have issues again.

I also have a Rule set that when my iPhone is inactive, set the scene to Away. This used to work a few months ago, but no longer. Wondering if the iOS app needs to be set to either local or cloud to register the iPhone as connected? I've tried it both ways to no avail.

mparadis: Thanks for the explanation--if what you typed had been in the help file, I would have been way ahead of the game.


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