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Author Topic: Almond 3 - Concurrent 2.4 GHz Clients?  (Read 1943 times)

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Almond 3 - Concurrent 2.4 GHz Clients?
« on: November 16, 2016, 11:42:18 am »
I have a fairly large number of clients, currently 111, most of which are "smart home" / automation / IoT clients that only use 2.4 GHz (because reasons?). These clients are all over the place in a house with two floors of about 2,000 square feet each. Based on the information available I'm guessing this would take anywhere from three to four Almond 3 units to provide full coverage. While the various control and automation features of the Almond 3 seem appealing, the number of clients in any one area of the house can vary quite a bit.

So, I'm wondering: What is the maximum number of concurrent 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g client connections that is supported by each of the Almond 3 units?

Although I am aware of one that claims to support up to 127 such connections, for many wireless residential networking routers, extenders or AP's the number seems to be 32. I just want to be sure that if I committed to Almond 3 for the various other features and functions it offers compared to the competition, that I wouldn't have to install five or six of them just to support a couple of areas with an unusually high concentration of clients.


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