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Author Topic: Text or email notifications without cloud connected Almond (local connection)  (Read 2230 times)

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I would like to get notifications about sensor changes sent to me via email (or text), but I prefer to not use the cloud based push notifications (local control only). Can a feature be added to add email account(s) information for notifications to be sent out with sensor status and details (sensor name, on/off, etc)?

For background on my request, my Almond+ is used in AP mode, and is behind a pfSense router/firewall, and does not have access to connect to the cloud service. I have notifications sent via gmail for pfSense, Synology, VMware ESXi, etc. So I think that this should be possible for a Linux/UNIX based system.

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@ EILib,

I believe, this could be achieved, once the support is improved on IFTTT.


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