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Author Topic: Helpful information for wirelessly adding almond to network  (Read 1735 times)

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Helpful information for wirelessly adding almond to network
« on: December 20, 2016, 08:37:08 pm »
I've had so many difficulties when it comes to adding an almond to the home network. I found that putting one of the routers into repeater mode instead of adding it to the network, it usually worked more easily than going through the pain of adding an almond to the network. Eventually I figured it out after going through numerous resets and theorizing how the almonds connected to each-other. Here's some cool information that I figured out.

  • The almonds connect together by using the 5Ghz band. It's not an option, I tried disabling the 5Ghz band and wondered why they couldn't see eachother, then I realized what was going on.
  • When set to "add almond", the main router creates a 5Ghz network named "AlmondSetup" followed by the last 4 characters of the 5Ghz MAC address. So for me it was "AlmondSetup5548"

Knowing this information actually makes it very handy to use your phone or tablet to go around the house and find a good location to put a second or third almond.
I hope this information becomes useful to someone


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