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Author Topic: Securifi Key Fob: how to trigger events in rules?  (Read 1483 times)

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Securifi Key Fob: how to trigger events in rules?
« on: February 20, 2017, 03:59:44 pm »

I have the Securifi key fob, and looking through the available events, I have some that I don't know how to access. In the rules pages, I see:

Arm All: triggered when the lock button is pressed
Disarm All: triggered when the unlock button is pressed
Arm Perimeter: triggered when the "little man in house" button is pressed.
Panic Alarm: ?
Emergency: ?

Does anyone know how to trigger the last two events? I've tried long presses, double-clicks, etc. (and the * button doesn't seem to generate anything on the key fob).
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