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Author Topic: 5GHz wifi SSID doesn't allow devices to join several hours after a reboot  (Read 7910 times)

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A lot of the reports for wireless issues, especially after upgrading to 092 or 093, were solved by resetting.
I already have a rule that reboots the Almond+ every morning at 530 AM.
I think adding another rule to do that later seems a bit too far.
By 'resetting' I meant to reset your device to defaults, not to just reboot it.  :-)

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Re: 5GHz wifi SSID doesn't allow devices to join several hours after a reboot
« Reply #16 on: January 21, 2019, 10:34:34 pm »
Sorry I realize this thread is old... But in the last few weeks I've started experiencing the 5Ghz network just completely disappearing after about 1-2 hours of being connected. Rebooting the Almond fixes it, only to have the same problem repeat. Nothing on my network has changed. Up until now I've been happy with the performance of the A+...

So I've tried factory reset and re-flashing the latest firmware. Same issue. Is the device just toast, or did anyone find another fix?

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I believe I did do a factory reset of the router at one point, but it was a while ago and the problem came back... But for science, I could try again.

Anyway, my "fix" was to get another router.
That's been a solid option so far.

I liked the Almond+ and it's potential, but when the firmware stopped getting fixed, it was over...
Really, lack of QoS was eventually going to make me switch.


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