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Author Topic: Alexa does not find devices  (Read 6450 times)

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Alexa does not find devices
« on: July 03, 2017, 04:29:27 am »
My connected z-wave devices don't show up in the Alexa App, when I search for devices. All my settings run for Germany.

I connected the device to Almond. It works fine from the on-device display, the Almond app and the web interface (in the local network The devices do not show in the web interface ( though. The web interface also says I need to activate my account, however if I resend the activation code it says I am already activated (which I am).

In the Alexa App I can add the smart home skill "Almond for Smart Home", but when I search for devices, I don't find any devices or scenes.

Can anyone help?


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