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Author Topic: Almond 3 firmware AL3-R021-64MB is out  (Read 5219 times)

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Almond 3 firmware AL3-R021-64MB is out
« on: July 19, 2017, 10:13:07 am »
Almond 3 firmware AL3-R021-64MB is out and please find the release notes below:

--> Secondary units going out of Mesh bug fixed.

--> Validation of same location name across the Mesh.

--> Optimization of Mesh setup and secondary devices.

--> In active secondary units bug fix.

--> RSSI calculation wise secondary units setup in Mesh.

--> Intermittent connection bug fix in Mesh.

--> Auto firmware update bug fix.

--> Send logs bug fix.

--> Crash/Bug fixes related to HA and Cloud.

Note: Ensure to clear the browser cache, once the firmware is updated before we make any changes with the Web UI. Firmware can be updated via App (Android and iOS) or LCD UI and for manually update using Web UI, please click here to download the file.

Hash: 9d995232c62ea8dc40f9748ddb73db83

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