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Author Topic: Visonic Door/Window Sensor for $10  (Read 10513 times)

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Visonic Door/Window Sensor for $10
« on: January 05, 2018, 02:50:47 am »
MyDigitalDiscount is having another sale on home automation devices. (Found via SlickDeals, so putting the link to there so that site gets the "credit").
The main deal (IMO) is the Visonic Door/Window Sensor, which also reports temperature, for $10. I have a few of these around my house and they have been reliable and easy to pair with Almond+ and Almond 3. So if you want a door/window sensor, there you go. If you need a reasonably accurate temperature sensor, they work for that also.

They have a few more items but the Bosch motion sensors have been temperamental for me (I would not recommend them) and no CentraLite outlet I have tried (4, of 2 different types) has ever worked. No experience with the Yale locks.
Almond 3 mesh handling the home.


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