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VPN project
« on: January 10, 2018, 12:14:52 pm »
Not sure where to post this but this seems like the place to start. I know a little about networking but am not too sophisticated in this area.  I have a condo in a resort area that provides unsecure wifi. My son-in-law gave me the following Ubiquiti components for Christmas with a plan for providing me secure internet while there: Security Gateway, Edgerouter X, Almond router. The plan is to install the USG in my network at home and then use the Almond router and EdgeRouter X at the condo to create a VPN back to my house network. The bandwidth at my home and at the condo are quite good so this seems like a reasonable approach.

I have been playing around with the Almond router - configured as a range extender - on my home network and it works fine. I can connect my PC directly to the Almond and access the internet. I have also connected a PC to the EdgeRouter and played around a little with it's configuration GUI. I thought I should be able connect the Almond to the EdgeRouter using the Almond as a virtual WAN interface but I can't figure out how to configure the EdgeRouter to use the Almond in that fashion. I think that would be the configuration I would be using at the condo. Any comments on the overall approach or my specific problems would be greatly appreciated.


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