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Author Topic: Moving on - Don't know why I waited so long  (Read 3575 times)

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Moving on - Don't know why I waited so long
« on: December 04, 2018, 08:36:20 pm »
I got the Almond+ from the crowdfunding initiative, blown away by the richness of features and ease of use. Hungry for every firmware update, ultimately hoping for not just a all-in-one device, but in particular for a reliable solution. Hope dies last, but it now has died.

I never got any reliable wifi performance from this router. It's a pity that it took me so long to realize how good other solutions are. Almond+ is now just an access point to handle a couple of z-wave and zigbee devices. Wifi is handled by Google Wifi now, and holy cr#p what a difference it made. No more drops, or entirely unresponsive networks, video calls are continuously in HD, YouTube streams in 4k, streaming from home NAS is rock solid. Of course, the hardware is much newer and as it's a mesh system it almost is an unfair comparison, but overall, from a consumer perspective, it's a product that works. I don't expect that scheduling automated restarts will be necessary to improve reliability.

The moderators in this forum have been most helpful and I applaud Securifi for choosing an ambitious approach to disrupt home networking. But today you've lost a fan as I need a working product.

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Re: Moving on - Don't know why I waited so long
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2018, 10:49:21 am »
Had a similar issue and found that another wifi router that I was using as a repeater on the network was causing the Almond+ to misbehave. Disable the wifi on the repeater and no issues since. Not saying that is the issue at your end but might be worth looking into. I had similar issues with my Netgear router previously which was conflicting with neighborhood signals and had to lock on or constantly change bands. The google wifi must be auto-switching bands to avoid this conflict. You can use the INSSIDER app to troubleshoot wifi issues.

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Re: Moving on - Don't know why I waited so long
« Reply #2 on: December 15, 2018, 10:21:39 am »
Did the same thing. I have an Apple Extreme Time Capsule that handles the routing duties (my wife is planning to migrate to Mac from PC in the near term) and my A+ is now an AP, with my A2015 pulling repeater duty out in my gazebo. As APs & repeaters, fine. Easy to deploy. Still working as a decent hub for zwave & securifi door sensors, so I let that keep doing it's thing.
But as a router...crap. As a presence detector...crap. Devices clearly powered on and show as off, or inactive...duplicate entries. Web network admin UI was horrible. Never able to connect an external drive without the unit overheating.
Good concept. Sub-par execution.
Really too bad. Had high hopes.

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Re: Moving on - Don't know why I waited so long
« Reply #3 on: March 07, 2019, 07:20:10 am »
I agree. I bought into the idea of having a single consolidated device but in the end, you end up compromising features of the smart hub (cannot add custom drivers like SmartThings, or upgrade radios like Z-Wave Plus) and router (slow/no response to critical vulnerabilities, strange duplicate devices keep showing up randomly).

I think it's because the market didn't catch on. I remember hearing during an interview ( @ ~35 minutes) that only 20% of the customers use both the smart hub and router functionality at the same time.

I should add that my device has been set up with 14 IoT devices (3 Almond Clicks) and multiple network devices and a few scenes. It is running AP2-R093 firmware and has an uptime of 358 days. I'm very happy with the stability I have achieved.
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Re: Moving on - Don't know why I waited so long
« Reply #4 on: August 31, 2019, 04:30:36 am »
I got the Almond+ from a guy at my APKNite company and it's been nice, touchscreen, 802.11ac, cloud, app, everything. Recently I got into home automation and that's where it's really been shining for me.


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