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Author Topic: UK Peanut any time?  (Read 8839 times)

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UK Peanut any time?
« on: January 04, 2019, 11:28:19 am »
I have a number of "peanut" plugs as part of the Guard pack.  However, they seem to be available only in a UK form.  To use them, I have a choice of

  • a wobbly stack of adaptors
  • [buying or making a pair of UK plug to US socket and US plug to UK socket cables/li]
The latter may be useful where a socket is hidden behind furniture, of course...

I've ordered a bunch of US-type extension leads, which I will chop in half and add to wired UK plugs and sockets to make the required adaptors, but I'm not thrilled.

It seems you can now supply a PSU with a UK plug, how about UK form-factor peanuts?


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