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Author Topic: Rough WAN -> LAN PPPoE performance?  (Read 6087 times)

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Re: Rough WAN -> LAN PPPoE performance?
« Reply #15 on: April 23, 2014, 05:21:48 pm »
Never been a fan of DOCSIS given the unpredictable latencies I've seen (in the UK at least), jitter can be all over the place!

Most VDSL2 products in the UK are gonna be limited to 80/20 tops until they get vectoring working. Should be some lovely gains for a lot of people once they get it implemented! Meanwhile unless you're in some very specific spots served by providers that are not British Telecom-based, 330/30 is the absolute max you'll get on an FTTP connection. There are a few companies doing symmetric gig fibre to some homes, but they are only in a few cities, and even then only really in large building complexes like blocks of flats etc. Outside of that it'll generally be VDSL2 or DOCSIS 3.0 at best.

120/20 is a perfectly decent connection speed though, I really don't *need* any more than about 50mbit really, and even then that's only during a download to make it go faster, general use even 20mbit would be fine. But it's all good, more speed is nice ;) A lot of the time the limiting factor for downloads is the source server.

P.S. Nudge, my old AP here is starting to die and I really dont want to have to buy a stopgap AP to replace it, post those Almond+ out! :D


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