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Title: inovelli 2 Channel Indoor Smart Plug Works
Post by: fillibar on February 09, 2018, 07:02:31 pm
Brand: inovelli
Model Name: 2-Channel Dual Smart Plug
Model Number: NZW37
What unit was it tested with: Almond 3
Protocol: Z-Wave Plus (908.42Mhz frequency)
What functions work / don't work: Both outlets can be individually controlled
What Batteries / Power Supply: US Plug
Purchase Location: inovelli
Price Paid: $35
Notes, Comments or Limitations:
Added the device as a "Multiswitch" when the type of device option was presented. Both outlets function quickly.
This is an indoor only dual outlet. Having just gotten the outdoor-rated model, I was surprised how small this one seemed. The left outlet is #1, the right outlet is #2.
Ratings indicate each outlet has a max 10A load, and the total combined load is 16A.
Photo of item attached: Yes, from company website.