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Title: Allow a Rule to all upon a Scene and/or vice versa
Post by: exboxnick on October 26, 2018, 04:50:11 pm
Well, I've been getting more into IFTTT and one of the things is to trigger "bed time" and all the lights turn off. The issue is I have ZigBee, Z-Wave, and WiFi devices all connected to Almond+.

What I'd like to so when creating a Scene for "bed time" is make a Rule that, when a Scene is activated, to also run this Rule. My lights are on either smart hub but my smart outlets are just cheapies from eBay or Amazon and connect to wifi directly. The problem is the outlets are seen as network devices and cannot be setup in a Scene. If you go directly under the device options of the network device, it only has a spot for "use in rule engine".

The better alternative then, maybe, is to allow any network devices to be triggered in a Scene instead, so that when I tell my smart assistant "good night" all my (smart hub) lights and (wifi) smart outlets turn off simultaneously.