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Title: Randomizing timing for scenes.
Post by: stelvio1200 on February 21, 2017, 11:15:23 am
Hello. My suggestion to the Almond app is to add timing randomization to the scenes. I am a certified C4 tech and one of the nice features of their software is the ability to randomize events. We use this a lot when setting up turning on or off lights. For example:

IF +/- 7 minutes of sunset
do something

This may "do something" from 1 to 7 minutes of sunset because the offset is a variable. We always throw in delays to shake things up a bit. Turn on hall lights, wait 20 seconds, then turn on porch lights, wait 30 seconds, turn on dining lights and so on.

Currently in Almond you can set it to do something X minutes before or after but it is the same each time.