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Title: Monoprice Door Sensor - no tamper recognition
Post by: PhilShifley on August 21, 2014, 11:33:06 pm
The Monoprice Door Sensor doesn't recognize the tamper signal.

A+ recognizes the sensor open/close state but  A+ doesn't recognize the tamper switch. Since the tamper switch uses a similar code to the external sensor connections, this means the A+ doesn't recognize anything attached to the external connections. I've tested connecting the sensor as a door sensor and binary sensor. Am I missing a setting on A+ to make it work?

Is there any plan to fully support the Monoprice sensor (including tamper and external connection codes)?

Open signal (Basic Set, Value 0xFF)
Close signal (Basic Set, Value 0x00)
Tamper signal (type 01, level 11)
External switch open signal (type 01, level 11)