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Title: Z-Wave Network Options
Post by: wstocker on May 16, 2014, 05:58:31 am
From what I have seen so far, it seems that only single "sensor" activities have been discussed, adding, removing, changing, notifying.  Are any of the higher level typical Z-Wave items implemented or at least planned yet?  If not enabled yet, would you please provide an ETA for each planned element?

Triggered Events
Network Copy / Clone
Network Health Report
Network Heal / Rebuild
Primary vs. Secondary Controller Functions

With all the talk recently about not yet supporting advanced feature settings of devices, if I already have then set and then associate them with this controller, will they be lost or retained?
Title: Re: Z-Wave Network Options
Post by: LGNilsson on May 16, 2014, 06:50:14 am
Groups, scenes, triggers, events are all planned and we expect most of that to be in place within the next month or two, although I don't have a set schedule I can share.

Network copy/clone isn't as easy to do as it sounds, as you'd lose any extra data that you've added to the sensors, so in some ways it's more or less useless. It's not something that I know we're planning on doing for now.

Network health report - It's something we might do, but it won't be there on day one.

Network heal/rebuild - Please explain why this is needed. I know it's a feature of the Vera products, but we're not familiar with any other devices that offers this feature.

We're looking at adding support for remote controls, key fobs and other button controllers, but at least for the time being, there are no plans on adding other gateways/controllers.

I'm afraid I'm not following your last question, can you try to clarify it?
Title: Re: Z-Wave Network Options
Post by: wstocker on May 17, 2014, 07:06:38 am
Thank you for your response, I will try to clarify my concerns including more background, but I came up with another very important feature that I left off the first list: "ALL."We Use All Off on our current controllers at least Daily (before the last person goes to sleep).  What is the plan for this [Z-Wave ALL, or similar (devices in multiple Groups)] support?

Not that I expect you to have remembered it, but I have all GE Z-Wave Modules that we purchased from Radio Shack when they decided to stop carrying them at greatly reduced prices.  We have Appliance / Lamp Modules [45603], Outdoor Modules (like the previous but in a sealed housing) [45604], In-Wall Receptacles [45605], In-Wall Dimmers [45612], In-Wall 3-Way Dimmers [45614], and the "Advanced" Remote [GE 45601].  We have one primary controller [Family Room], and 2 or 3 secondary controllers [Bedroom, Office, Car?] currently.  We have over 20 devices currently in use, and each device is within four meters [4M] of another working device.  I plan to add some of your Zigbee PIR and Door/Window Sensors in the new ordering system as well as the debug adapter.

In the Family Room, we have assigned device parameters on the existing In-Wall Dimmers so that the Status LED is off with the device instead of the default LED on when device is off.  We also have a custom dimming rate on our primary hallway light to provide more exit time, if you know what I mean, from when one turns off the switch until they can make it to their destination.  Will I loose these settings (and not be able to replace them) when I connect these devices to my Almosnd+?

Strangely, we have a specific three (3) In-Wall Receptacles on one end of our house and (3) Lamp Modules on the other end of the house that behave strangely.  If a command is sent to turn on one specific lamp module, it will turn on, as well as a certain In-Wall Receptacle.  If a command is sent to turn on one specific In-Wall Receptacle, only it will turn on.  Each of these states is true for each of these three devices [IWR1 follows L1, IWR2 follows L2, IWR3 follows L3; IWR1, IWR2, IWR3 can be turned on independently], and this repeats from any controller used in any part of the house.  However it gets stranger when using current Group Settings, a Group command to L1-3 will not always affect IWR1-3 the same way, and IWR1-3 rarely all respond when issuing a Group OFF directly aimed at them, instead they must be independently commanded off.  I originally suspected non-unique device ID's (whatever Z-Wave uses like an IP or MAC Address) would be the culprit, but since all commands are not mirrored both ways, and group commands do not work well on the IWR's that there must just be something strange in the network.  I am hoping that a network heal / rebuild or similar will help resolve this?

We are excited to stop using the GE Controllers and instead use our iOS Mobiles, Android Tablets, and PC's to interact with and schedule Device Actions once the Almond+ arrives!

Some of the devices are in hard to reach areas, behind large items (Refrigerator, Loaded Armoire, etc), so I was looking forward to hopefully doing a Network Copy / Clone.  What process do you envision I would use for maximum compatibility to add all my devices to the Almond+?  Would I need to remove them from my current Primary Controller, and then add them, or just add them each independently?
Title: Re: Z-Wave Network Options
Post by: LGNilsson on May 18, 2014, 07:08:15 am
I'm honestly not sure what we'll support of all the features you're asking for, but I'll check with the software team and have them go over your posts to see what they're already working on and what's being planned.
Title: Re: Z-Wave Network Options
Post by: wstocker on August 24, 2014, 09:15:39 am
Update since I now have my Almond+ on R065 firmware.

None of the items from my first post are implemented yet.

Device Parameters were all reset to default on sensor addition as suspected.
Am able to hold off adding [previously] conflicting sensors (no need for second set until October)
Wife is frustrated by lack of ALL command and inability to use GE Controllers that had that feature to supplement.