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Title: Airprint trouble; ipad can't see printers on the Lantronix xPrint server
Post by: shoconnor on August 04, 2014, 04:54:35 pm
Lantronix markets xPrint servers so that Airprint works over a LAN to network printers.   That Lantronix box set itself up and found thew two printers without any trouble.  Each has been set to share over the xprint server. 

Unfortunately, the ipad, even when connected over WiFi to any of the Wifi routers on the same LAN subnet cannot find the printers and display them as Airprint printers.  The Apple Bonjour Wizard for Windows found the printers from my wired PC without any trouble.

Lantronix Tech Support says the issue is with not having a multicast streaming service available over the Almond Wifi, but I can't find anything here with Securifi addressing that service.

Ideas, suggestions?