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Title: Video/gaming
Post by: kwines68 on December 27, 2014, 09:43:48 am
New user.  Set up easy and access to websites (CNN, Facebook) is intermittent.  Have run the latest software update.  Signal strength - strong; link speed 72mbps.  However, viewing video (CNN Video) or game playing (i.e., Angry Birds) in back bedroom is non-existent.

Almond is set up 30 feet from router.  Back bedroom is 20 feet from Almond.  We have a "U" shaped house (courtyard in the middle) - router is in one arm, Almond is in the bottom and back bedroom is in the other arm.  We have high speed from AT&T and have no problem with Angry Birds or video viewing near router or near Almond - only in back bedroom.

Can switch Wi-Fi signal from Almond back to main router and pick it up in the back bedroom, but signal/loading is slow, which is why we wanted the range extender.

Any assistance appreciated.  Thanks!
Title: Re: Video/gaming
Post by: Ashok on December 30, 2014, 01:32:18 pm
@ kwines68

In order to play games we need some decent speed through Almond's network. I would kindly request you to run the speed test couple of times at the Almond's location and check the average depending upon that you can decide if you have to move the Almond a bit closer to the main router.

If the speeds are fine from the main router network then install a free wifi analyzer on any of your client devices and change the channel accordingly on the main router to decrease the channel interference through other networks. Also make sure that we don't have any channel interference devices like Microwave, Cordless phones, Baby monitors, Fishtanks etc! are not near the Almond.