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Title: A tip for anyone using Foscam cameras (H.264 models)
Post by: kbtn on April 13, 2015, 11:43:28 am
Just a note to anyone using Foscam cameras.  The newer H.264 cameras with the newest 2.x.119 firmware require that you change the default SSID of your 2.4 ghz network (even newest foscam models only use 2.4).  The Foscam firmware (FI9826w and FI9831w tested with 2.x.119 firmware) cannot read special characters or spaces in the SSID name and will incorrectly show the Almond+ with the incorrect security (it will always show WEP even if you are using WPA and/or WPA2)--the camera will never connect as it believes your network is WEP when/if it is not.  No one should be using WEP anyway these days as it is way too easy to hack.

Additionally, the camera will show a truncated SSID as just the word "almond" which will let you know there is a problem and you need to change the SSID name.  The older Foscam models/firmware do not have this issue.  I also have a FI8910 that connects perfectly (hasn't been new firmware released for the 89 series in a long time).  Remember Foscam camera require a reboot to ACCURATELY re-scan wireless networks.  if you don't reboot, it will re-scan but it will display the wireless networks it has in cache from the previous scan that may no longer be live/correct.