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Title: Securifi's New Door / Window Sensor (with Temperature)
Post by: mparadis on April 05, 2018, 09:12:12 am
Brand: Securifi
Model Name: Door Window Sensor
Model Number: SZ-DWS-08(N)
What unit was it tested with: Almond 3S
Protocol: Zigbee
What functions work: Open / Close and Temperature to tenth decimal
What functions don't work: None
What Batteries / Power Supply: CR2450 (reported 5 year battery life)
Purchase Location: Included with Securifi Almond 3S Indiegogo purchase
Price Paid: Included in purchase
Notes, Comments or Limitations: More squared than previous versions. About the same size. Paired easy without issue as soon as the battery keeper? (little plastic tab) was removed, included mounting hardware. I didn't take a comparison photo (D'oh) but will try to get one. I do not know what the QR like code on the back is for (I also didn't read the instructions... :-\)
Photo of item attached: Yes

Note: I received this early as part of my beta testing agreement with Securifi so this specific sensor may not be available for purchase just yet.