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Title: Pebble Integration?
Post by: Kazy on March 10, 2015, 05:25:46 pm
This is applies to both iOS and Android I guess, but I have iOS so I'm putting it here. Would it be possible to get a Pebble app to control the sensors? Would be nice to turn on/off lights with my watch! Would also possibly lead to smart notifications, eg, ignore a notification or turn on/off a sensor in response.
Title: Re: Pebble Integration?
Post by: tdogz on August 06, 2015, 10:21:01 am
I would like to see an app on Pebble as well (I use my Pebble with an Android). The basic Pebble OS already allows me to receive the notifications created by any app (including Almond), but additional functionality (set home/away, open garage door, etc.) would be awesome.

Mods: This thread probably belongs in the Ideas/Feature Request sub-forum since it is not iOS-specific.
Title: Re: Pebble Integration?
Post by: rpr69 on August 07, 2015, 12:44:08 pm
Pebble set home/away, along with Tasker integration for the same would be the holy grail for me in the app.
Title: Re: Pebble Integration?
Post by: fillibar on August 07, 2015, 08:21:32 pm
Pebble would be nice but if a Tasker plugin was made I could do everything I need from my Pebble through Tasker. Considering Apple and how they delayed the latest Pebble app (have the let it go yet?) Securifi might be better off focusing on the Apple Watch. As a Pebble owner (and long time Tasker user) that is a bummer, but feels like an economic necessity.

Tasker would have been killer for me the last couple weeks. I status my aquarium using Tasker and it has been getting very warm lately to the point I had to turn off the lights and move a fan to it. If there was a Tasker plugin it could have turned on the fan automatically instead of me getting the alert and having to use the app. Minor, I know, but convenient. Having the warning and confirmation something was done about it on my Pebble would ease my mind.