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Title: iOS beta app?
Post by: Kinggovernator on December 19, 2017, 08:54:08 am
3.5.6 (550) .... idk If this is an app issue, firmware or cloud maybe? On the app dashboard under the arm/disarm button where it says armed and or disarmed. And shows how the unit was last armed/ unarmed and shows when. The time there has been off by several hours. I have had time issues for some time now but recently read that on the web UI that when changing he time to refresh it a few times. I did that and seems to have stuck. Though on another note anytime the main A3 is rebooted it diverts back to the 2nd day of the previous month? Like today is the 19th of December and i rebooted it and now it's says it's November 2nd? The time also resets to something else as well it's off by 30 some odd minutes now usually off by hours only way to fix it is to get on the web UI. Which use to divert to midway time now diverts to where I live yet doesn't reflect it? .... tried adding a pic of the first issue but won't let me? Any help would be much appreciated
Title: Re: iOS beta app?
Post by: Ashok on January 11, 2018, 09:49:05 am
@ Kinggovernator,

Are you still facing this issue?