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Title: Wan and lan different networks?
Post by: ws6nightcat on May 29, 2018, 10:00:14 pm
first of all i'm networking with windows 10, i'm definitely a bit put off by it over windows 7, i'm not a fan of the homegroup system for starters. anyway my issue is this. i have some computers on a wired network and some on a wireless network from the same router. i can see the computers when i go into network browser however i get an unable to connect error whenever i try to click on them to view the shared devices. this is primarily an issue because i have a laserjet shared off of one of the terminals and i can not print to it or find it from any of the wireless devices. even if i specify it's IP address under the add printer wizard (yes it us plugged in via lan as well as shared off of usb, it's an HP) all of the wired computers find it just fine. i have the same issue with a wireless epson printer that none of the wired computers can find even though it is installed and shared on a wireless terminal. (again all of the wireless terminals find the printer shared under network browser). thank you in advance.