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Title: Almond+ and OWL Intuition
Post by: vbhoj74 on September 06, 2013, 12:20:11 am

May I request support for owl Intuition range of energy monitors ?

I personally use a OWL intuition LC, which is a cloud based energy monitoring. The web based interface is good but not ideal, so I've already written a code in python which runs on my alix/pfsense. This code maintains a local records using SQLite has below features:

1. It triggers a email reminder when a preset usage units is crossed for the day to the recipients.
2. It responds with email queries with full analysis of energy usage in present billing cycle, project costs, and for any dates if dates are provided.

I was looking at building a small eink display using a raspberry pi to display all the information locally. But I've kept the idea on hold, since I see that the Almond+ can be a far better device for the purpose. I would love to see some kind of native support, and openness for app development. The Almond can also switch on/off various devices based on the triggers.

Title: Re: Almond+ and OWL Intuition
Post by: LGNilsson on September 06, 2013, 01:30:51 am
Hi Vineet,

We're not familiar with OWL, but we'll take a look at it for sure.
However, what kind of wireless technology do they use? It looks like either Wi-Fi or something like a non standard 433MHz technology.
I don't think the Almond+ will be able to communicate directly with the sensors, but I don't see any reason why their system shouldn't work when connected to the Almond+.
On the software side, I think you might have to have a tinker yourself, but the Almond+ should be more than capable to run the software you need.
Title: Re: Almond+ and OWL Intuition
Post by: vbhoj74 on September 06, 2013, 01:39:20 am
Hi lars,

Thanks for your reply.

I'm not sure what kind of wifi they use, but yes it looks like proprietary @ 433Mhz which the sensors use to link up with their gateway. The gateway has an Ethernet port which receives the data from the sensors over wifi, and send onto the cloud using wired LAN. The gateway also does a multicast of the data it receives from the sensors, this is where 3rd party products can easily interface.  I would be happy to share my code to get you started with this, nothing would make me more glad than to see the readings running on an Almond+ in my home. I missed out on the KS backing, but look forward to order one as soon as a pre-order is available.

Meanwhile, I also invite you to try my add on code, you just need to send an email to and ID I can share with you in private, with subject "fetch report". I believe in sharing ideas!