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Title: firmware update?
Post by: frissonic on July 25, 2014, 11:52:11 am
Is there a thread that's discussing upcoming firmware updates? or a scheduled somewhere of what updates are being worked on for upcoming releases?

Personally, I'm super excited to get my hands on some actual content filtering options. I have curious kids who I *will not* let on the internet without some kind of parental controls in place. Sorry if that makes me prudish or whatever; I don't care.

Anyway, any info would be appreciated. Thanks!
Title: Re: firmware update?
Post by: LGNilsson on July 25, 2014, 10:48:19 pm
Not as such.
What will come in the next firmware (which is currently being tested internally) is:

Range Extender
Access Point
Updated Wi-Fi driver

There's also a fair few bug fixes and other smaller things that will be included in the new firmware.
If all goes well, we expect to have a release version ready next week.
Title: Re: firmware update?
Post by: bLUFF on July 26, 2014, 08:15:22 am
Maybe its time to for someone from the DD-WRT community to support the almond platform. I was surprised to find that almond or securifi is not in their router database.  I guess people are very happy with almond and not feel the need for DD-WRT.

Heres hoping the future updates to the Almond+ would add all the great features which people miss now thus eliminating the need for DD-WRT for this platform!
Title: Re: firmware update?
Post by: pete on July 26, 2014, 04:55:11 pm
Yup; here my Almond device has been working fine for me.  I just recently updated the firmware to most current.

Relating to the Almond + and OpenWRT....

Personally here getting familiar with OpenWRT and liking it.  It is doing and can do just about anything a DD-WRT'd router can do today.

I have recently upgraded a micro router with OpenWRT; tiny thing maybe 3" square.  With only 8MB / 32MB of internal stuff; it does much.

That said I am also familiar with DD-WRT and its does well for me on all of the AP's that I have updated in the last 10 years or so.

(literally every AP combo I have purchased for has been DD-WRT'd).

The guys at DD-WRT are a great bunch and I will likely always use DD-WRT'd routers. 

Main AP today here is an Ubiquiti and its doing well.  I did update it for a time to using DD-WRT.  It was nice and worked well.  I then went back to the original FW on the device as I really liked the feature set.

It would an interesting adventure to see them update the Almond combo router with a touchscreen to DD-WRT.