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Title: Hi from Menlo Park, CA
Post by: felixdacat on September 25, 2014, 07:46:04 pm
Hi Team Securifi, hi everyone else,

When I first heard about the Almond+ I was hooked, immediately went to Kickstarter to realize I missed the deadline by a single day. Duh! Since then I've been following the project very closely. A few days ago I was able to purchase an A+ from a backer who wasn't interested in the project anymore. So, I'm not a real backer but a big supporter - I hope you won't chase me away with name and shame.
The first experience is excellent, I finally got rid of the old D-Link router. I just got two sensors to play around with and they were super easy to setup with the A+. Now I'm looking forward to all kinds of home automation features.
Door sensor:
Motion sensor: