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Title: Messaging Rules
Post by: rotemy on April 08, 2015, 03:26:41 am
Don't know if it was offered before but it will be great to have a "messaging" option in the rules so I can set up a rule like:

If SmokeDetectorAlarm() then Email(ListofRecepientEmails, Title)

Or even better:

If FloodDetectorAlarm() then Text(ListofRecepientPhones, Text)

Ideally an AND operator will be in place to do both

Want to take it further?

Add a listener and then

If SmokeDetectorAlarm() then
       Email(RecepientEmail, Title)
       If NoUserContact then AlarmViaText(ListofPhones)

And now I am going wild assuming motion sensors  8)

If SmokeDetectorAlarm() then
       Email(RecepientEmail, Title)
       If NoMotionInPast(NumofMinutes) then
       If NoUserContact then And(AlarmViaText(ListofPhones), AlarmViaAutomatedRecordedMessage(911)

Title: Re: Messaging Rules
Post by: ZackG on July 19, 2015, 04:32:51 pm
I agree.  Is there any plan to add some kind of messaging support?  Or is there a workaround?  Would be necessary to use as a home security system, or safety system.