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Title: iOS App 1.6 is out
Post by: Ashok on August 04, 2015, 11:27:18 am
iOS App 1.6 is out and release notes as follows:

1. Added Garage Door Opener(Linear LLC Model GD00Z-1) support.

2. Sensor tab : "View log" button is added to each sensor tile, allowing you to view all sensor events. This feature works independently of notifications and will show events even when notifications are disabled.

3. Router tab : Added "Send Router logs" functionality this feature is used to have the router's logs sent to Securifi for analysis.

4. Sensor tab : Fixed a regression in the last release causing some flood, fire sensor and door lock (Zwave) to report the opposite status than they actually are.

5. Set point Thermostat is now supported.

6. Fixed a problem with locking/unlocking Zigbee Door locks.

7. The "Add Almond" functionality (link an Almond to the Cloud ) is being re-designed.

8. Router tab : Notice is shown when a router firmware update is available.

9. Connection status and Home/away mode are separated.