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Title: Increased trigger delay flexibility
Post by: apb on September 11, 2016, 07:27:26 pm
I'd request the ability to accelerate or delay trigger rules relative to events like sunset/sunrise in hours in addition to the minutes currently available.

Rationale for request:

I have my pool filter pump Z-wave switch and would like to trigger it based upon the length of day minus a few hours. In other words, I would like to pump to automatically run less when the days are shorter in the winter, and in the summertime I'd like the pump to run more when the days are longer (and it's hotter = more algae activity). However, I would like to avoid running the pump for nearly the full 10-14 hours of daylight we have on a given day (I'd like it to run 5-9 hours each day, in general).

Also, other events (especially interior 'security' lighting) would benefit from a possible delayed trigger in terms of hours (e.g. With a prior smart home controller, I had security lights turn on relative to sunset AND turnoff a fixed number of hours later (relative to when they turned on). I felt this was beneficial because my security lights would turn off at a slightly different time each day as sunset changed, which reduces the 'predictability' of the lighting scheme to the outside observer.