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Title: Z-Wave Environmental Monitoring
Post by: pete on August 06, 2013, 05:27:06 am
Curious about environmental monitoring with Z-Wave; temperature and humidity indoors and outdoors. 

Tell me about your experiences with these devices; I am curious.

I have yet to date not played with this relating to utilizing wireless sensors and Z-Wave.

That said I do have some 5 1-wire networks and utilize many 1-wire sensors inside and outside of my home today.

My thermostat today is a little computer on its own; literally looking like a regular thermostat but it does have much intelligence built into it with the display turning on when I walk up to it and other little nice things.  I have another "network" of temperature and humidity sensors hooked up to it via the mothership but newest thing is that I can connect multiple sensors to it directly and have it round out temps and such turning on and off either heating and cooling depending on the average temps versus the thermostat temps. 

The HVAC in the home is one of the energy guzzlers and it would be nice to know not just when it goes on and off or how long its run in the house but also how much electricity its used up over a period of time right on its little display and provide this data over its z-wave connection to the mothership (mothership here would be the Almond +).
Title: Re: Z-Wave Environmental Monitoring
Post by: Mike at BlackCat on August 06, 2013, 10:06:46 pm
Many of us having been experimenting with AEON 4 in 1 devices.

This is my experience...(so far)

Most problems appear to stem from firmware (both MCV and AEON).
If you haven't updated AEON firmware AND using v622 MiOS then you can expect trouble with results.

Motion detection is good, with triggering as expected.
Temp, Lux and Humidity depends greatly on Polling, which depends on whether the device is Battery Powered or utilises an exterior source. These parameters can be altered to suit.

Interior is Gas Ducted Heating, this is controlled by a ZTS100 Device.
It's stand alone and requires no input from Vera.
Title: Re: Z-Wave Environmental Monitoring
Post by: GatorEye on August 06, 2013, 11:24:35 pm
I'd also be interested in something along the lines of the ( as well, but without their cloud requirement. Like everything related to the Almond+, I want all the data kept on my server or in my "personal cloud".  Anyone know of anything like that?
Title: Re: Z-Wave Environmental Monitoring
Post by: pete on August 07, 2013, 09:22:30 am
Thanks Mike.

Lately here (well last few years) I am self adjusting my automation a bit with attempting in vain somewhat to wean myself off of the internet personally to see if I will have some sort of withdrawal pangs of anxiety.

Early 2000's my favorite little game though was to remote control my home from halfway around the world just to check up on my home and to bug my wife.

My favorite 1-wire network though was a simple two wire parasitic network utilizing two wires to provide data.  I was amazed how easy it was to build a small network of temperature and humidity sensors using only two wires for transport.  My biggest issue related to physical placement and associated mac (1-wire) address losing track a bit.  So yeah just created a little database and text file and a hand written little log book of what device was where.   

I still today have small maybe 3-4 mm disks with combo sensors circa late 1990's running just fine these days providing data now for some 16 years or so.

Relating to motion detection I guess too I have overdone it a bit with many occupancy and motion detectors using various mixture of environmental monitoring methodologys (IE: like the pir combo microwave thing or the piezo or geophone sensor methodologies that exists today); playing with remote temperture devices pointing at walls and things just to see temps; all of it amazing stuff.