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Ideas/Feature requests / Re: Belkin WeMo Support
« Last post by fillibar on January 03, 2019, 06:35:49 pm »
Well, that is very interesting news. I would trust the wiki unless someone comes out saying it is wrong. It IS possible for Securifi to make WiFi devices work... there just were not many examples of it.

Good catch Sparroe!
Ideas/Feature requests / Re: Belkin WeMo Support
« Last post by Sparroe on January 03, 2019, 07:27:55 am »
There would appear to be some conflicting information here vs this thread?
Almond+ / How do I remove a router from my account?
« Last post by td0g on January 03, 2019, 12:01:19 am »
I had a router burn out and now I can't figure out how to remove it from my account.  I choose unlink in the app and it says "Sorry! Update was unsuccessful." doesn't appear to have any option to remove at all.  Is it trying to connect to now dead router in order to remove it?
General Discussion / Re: Weather Service "Disruption" and Messaging
« Last post by Ashok on January 02, 2019, 07:18:08 am »
Even we got the notice a bit late on this and rest be assured, our team is working on it to take care of this asap. I will update the status shortly. Thank you!
I have been using them for quite some time (the original Almond+ Kickstarter) with a generally good experience. The ability to have network devices be recognized as presence sensors (especially a smartphone) for when you come home or leave is probably one of the most valuable things to me. ZigBee and Z-Wave devices integrate fairly well, most basic ones work just fine. It would be nice if it could also integrate WiFi controlled outlets and such but it is what it is. The newest Almond 3S model includes battery and 4G backup. The battery is handy but 4G is not as useful to me as I have trouble justifying the cost of yet another data account (US carriers are overpriced trash).

Securifi's support team seems to be pretty reliable and speedy, so that is a plus.

Parameter control of ZigBee and Z-Wave devices is lacking (you CAN set some, but none of it can be automated at this time). The support they have for regular control via Rules and Scenes is pretty decent though, and fairly easy to configure via their App.
Someone mentioned this brand to me and said I should look into their routers becuase they have zigbee and zwave radios.

I was skeptical because while that sounds great to get everything on movies download movies at forum the network, it doesnt give you a platform by which to control them all and get them to talk to each other well.

Sure enough, says that they control is limited and you cant really automate them based on any parameters.

Was wondering if anyone here has any experience or thoughts about it.
Peanut plug / Re: Firmware update for the peanut plug?
« Last post by fillibar on December 31, 2018, 01:59:36 pm »
Glad they are working now.
Almond 3S / Re: Almond Guard - LTE in US
« Last post by jojo_youno on December 31, 2018, 11:02:55 am »
Cool thanks for the suggestion.
Peanut plug / Re: Peanut pairing issues
« Last post by mparadis on December 31, 2018, 10:18:46 am »
I just did one the other day that didn't want to at first. Took about a minute with different button configurations to figure it out but I can't recall which worked!
Almond 3 / Re: Almond 3 locks up with blank white screen
« Last post by mparadis on December 31, 2018, 10:17:42 am »
I replaced the main poly fuse with a bigger one.  No more lookups or white screens since then.

Have a write-up on that?
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