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Author Topic: Quick thought for scenes  (Read 2116 times)

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Quick thought for scenes
« on: October 18, 2014, 10:01:02 am »
With the eventual release of the home automation features and scenes etc. coming. I thought I would throw out a simple request using an example. I have three zigbee lights in a ceiling fan / fixture. The fan is on a cathedral ceiling and has only one switch to control the fan and light. I installed the zigbee lights so that I can control the lights independently from the fan. Currently, if I want to turn the light on all the way I have to switch each light on individually. Once scenes are in place I will be able to control all three from one "button" or action. These lights also happen to be dimming, again each individually. My request would be that for scenes, such as this, to be able to toggle the scene on and off, not requiring a separate scene for on and one for off, and providing a dimmer slider, like it is implemented now for individual lights, so that all dimming lights in the scene could be dimmed at once, or perhaps a way to set which lights are able to be dimmed by the scene. I could see this working well in a "theater" mode where one scene controls all the lights and can be turned on or off all at once but lets say someone needs to get up they could use the dimmer portion to brighten just the lights in the rear of the room while the rest of the room / lights stay dark. Just a thought.


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